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romeodelta is a cool, clean, fast, modern (s)marketing shop. Exclusively for starters to not to big.

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A Tasty Project.

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A Skinny Project.

Rotterdam Coffee, man what a job, one of the perks is obviously my second love in life. Tasty coffee man, wow what a joy!!!

Sometimes you meet people which simply blows you mind. This guy is one of those, you wish you could give a medal.

Skin therapy, I never knew how intense that was going to be. What a stories, thanks for the trust. Still ongoing btw.

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Fabien Chater

Boris de Veld

Date: Jun, 20th 2017.

Date: Jul, 15th 2017.

Date: Sep, 2 th 2017.

Free clients. Lead generation for free? How? Well this firm is doing it. I've partnered with the owner in order to work on a radical concept which live and for you for the taking.

In our company, we have given our marketing and communication to RD, due to time shortages within our own organization. We are very pleased with the personality, practicality and applicability of Mark and Paulina. Thank you!

Its an inspiring firm with a bunch of energy who was able to move my employee positively to become a tight team at marketing.  The transfer of knowledge is key.


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Man, Woman, end 30's, 2 kids, Rotterdam, perfect match, 20+ years combined sales & marketing history, Molded to perfection by experience en passion, together exceeding our client needs every day all day.