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People do business with people. By making sure you capture your clients perspective our current clients ARE winning!

Well, a recurring client. Said enough? Okay... well, we've done a bunch of training for his crew, based on social media and utilizing my photography correctly. Its about putting the lines with the pictures isn't it. I mean how many times you've seen a post thinking, "really?" So there you go. That's what we do, providing the knowledge.


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The photography on this project is in my opinion one of my best shoots. The intention of the owner was to create the industrial technical feel to it. One by one I choose the locations by simply scouring the immediate area of Rotterdam and found the best. Than took the employees one by one, took the pics and brought them back.


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Whats the best reference? Fred was one of the first enjoying our starters offer for his concept. A bunch of free hours cold calling and lead generation whilst working on content and building the marketing around this wonderful Father, Son team.


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Cold calling and lead generation. Have I said enough? What a team.


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Man, Woman, end 30's, 2 kids, Rotterdam, perfect match, 20+ years combined sales & marketing history, Molded to perfection by experience en passion, together exceeding our client needs every day all day.