The best advertising is word of mouth advertising. What we do, we do well. We are proud of our work. As you can see in our portfolio, we're never satisfied with just 'good enough'. Our work will take you to the next level: powerful, unique, complete.


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Collaboration "Powerful focus and result orientation. A professional firm with experience" Harry Strikwerda - Project Officer - Ministry of Defense

New Identity "They know time after time making a translation that is understood by my prospectus." Joop Waeijen - Owner - EMC B.V.

New Look and Feel "RD is an inspirational organization with a lot of energy that can transmit this energy well." Boris de Veld - Owner - Veldwerk uitzendbureau B.V.

New strategy "Really achieved results in revenue growth"

Romboud Maris - Owner - Studio Maris


Design and development

"A marketing concept that we find particularly useful" Rob van de Most - Owner - GOS Pte Ltd Singapore

Marketing support "Empathy and passion in everything" Olaf Bang Hansen - General Manager - Maritime Associates

Project development "Prepared to take the extra mile for the company" William Lau - Managing Director - Allrig Pte Ltd


Event management "Eye for the bigger picture" Erik Borgman - Director - Schnabby BV

Business Improvement Plan "Highest Analytical Resolution for Challenges"

Youness Quriou - Head of Operations -


We guide and map out what steps should be taken to achieve the goals.

For all SME companies who want to refurbish and / or boost brand, branding and / or team, NEB is your total solution. A circle of successful entrepreneurs who share their knowledge and expertise with others. Help, advice, support, coaching.


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 ©romeodelta. All Rights Reserved 2017