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What you find here are a selection of references from the past two years.

Inspirational Sales, free clients, what?

Date: Jun, 20th 2017.

Coming son.


Rob van der Most - Managing Director at GOS Pte Ltd. / PT GOS Solutions Indonesia

Date: Aug, 15th 2016.

RomeaDelta provided us with a marketing concept we found very useful and gave us a good base to continue our work on. Based on our decades of experience, he rewrote our presentation into a dynamic presentation which is received by clients with enthusiasm and interest. In additional he created a new brochure based on the new rewrite. Mark was always on top of things and responded immediately to our remarks with innovative and creative ideas.


Bill Bradnick - Technical Director at GOS Pte Ltd

To whom it may Concern: The recent Design work by Mark was met by GOS with much anticipation, which was palpable and when received; well worth the short wait whilst it was compiled by Mark. Interestingly there was one aspect of the design which did not quite meet with my fullest confidence, as I had not met the characterization before which followed with me wondering how it may have been received by our audience. This new heading

coined by Mark is: • Asset Owner Relief Program.

As per my usual form I kept my whist, and waited to see the result when viewed and understood by our clients. To my complete surprise when our Managing Director was giving the presentation for the first and the second time using Marks Prezi Presentation, the customers WERE DELIGHTED with the idea or concept suggested in the presentation. I see again that the creative and innovative original thinking done by Mr. Mark was key in producing

this result, it was paramount in the formation of the idea in the clients mind to take the conversation away into the area of planning and thinking about new work for our company. I recommend, Mark Paasman, his innovative thought provoking methods displayed in his presentation; I am sure that they will be welcomed wherever he finds himself activating his client’s best interest with his marketing drives.


Olaf Bang Hansen
General Manager (Technical) at Martime Associates Pte Ltd, Singapore
ABesides his vast knowledge and experience within his profession, he has empathy and passion in everything he performs for others. Thanks Mark

William Lau - Managing Director at Allrig Asia Pte Ltd

Date: Nov, 20th 2016.

To Whom It May Concern,

Mark Paasman is a business associate that I have come to know during my interactions with him when he was the Business Development Manager for Alewijnse for the Far East. He is a very resourceful person with plenty of knowledge and drive and very good at using IT to achieve his Marketing goals.

A honest and hardworking person who is willing to go the mile for company, friends and associates. If he is in business, you could trust that he will do

his best for his customers, but also honest about his abilities to serve. Has a never say die attitude. I would highly recommend him to be in business with you.


Youness Quriou
Head of Operations & Engineering at online.nl

Mark's analytical power to solve strategic business challenges is excellent and out of the usual, completely out of the box. Besides a honest gentleman, he's simply a great guy to hang out with, someone you can count on.

  A true business strategist and development professional who I support.

Harry Strikwerda
Project officer/specialist LCM (life cycle management) maritime systems at Ministerie van Defensie
During our cooperation in the Total Dock Concept, I met Mark as a real team player who put things in motion, knows how to discover new possibilities, out-of-the-box thinking and a people "connector", so a real natural networker. All this with an incredible drive and energy, with a focus on delivering results and achieving common goals for the group. In short, a fine and professional colleague to work with!

Terje Nerås
CEO at Marinacc Management AS
I've worked with Mark at MM where he reported directly to me. During this time I found him energetic and committed. A true commercial tiger, who's able to adapt and listen to his prospects. I have seen him evolve in the past years to where he is now, to have become an all-round  professional who capable of handling ongoing projects, develop new opportunities and has a true and honest approach towards customers and new potential clients.

  He's a friend and a well respected colleague in the industry.


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