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Are you a starter in business, or ready a way for years but never looked at your marketing profile. Think about your website, social media or simpler, your visualization. A great picture does do the trick doesn't it?

Free Clients for a starter

Get you content first than pay

Senior business owners ' wish


You are getting the prime cut

The bridge between S&M

Been there, done that, got t-shirt

Strange name isn't it, but actually its the essence for you right now. The bridge between marketing and sales is elusive. We however got it figured out. Reason being is that we've basically seen a lot.  Done  a lot. Now combing all experiences together  and giving it all to you.

Branding, and such

So, branding right. Well its about your wishes, your market, whats wise and whats not. However, its all really pretty when you have that, but how will you get further? Cold calling? Lead generation? How? you need a push right. How to, where to? Well, we've got a proposal for you and its wild!!!!

A wild proposal, crazy actually

Branding? What do you want?

Cold calling what? How?


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Man, Woman, end 30's, 2 kids, Rotterdam, perfect match, 20+ years combined sales & marketing history, Molded to perfection by experience en passion, together exceeding our client needs every day all day.